Delia is presenting an immersive installation, built specifically for il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, to encapsulate the whole room and transform it into a surreal space. The subject tackled is that of migration within the Mediterranean and the sad and alarming situation that many got too comfortable with. With the use of various media – light, sound and visuals – Delia will be transporting the viewer to another place, where the experience of the observer will be a homage to the so many migrants who lose their life while searching for a better one. The installation offers different levels of interpretation and legibility, from the idyllic to the shocking reality.
Delia has a special interest in migration, being herself part of a family who had to migrate various times to different countries along the decades and is very compassionate towards the people who have no choice but to leave everything behind.
This project was partly inspired by a map Delia came across, from Migreurop, showing the number of persons who disappeared or passed away in the Mediterranean.
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