I sculpted in wax a miniature of a personal item of every member of the project "Familja migrAzzjoni" and then produced them in bronze, in order to be able to transmit the preciousness of what these objects represent to their owners.
Telephone left by the great-grandmother
You had this red telephone at a time when only a few people on the island owned a phone. Your sons and grandchildren could call you from abroad. I never heard your voice, you were gone before I was born.
Powder case handed down by the great-aunt
You remained your elegant self even during those difficult times of war. You made all your family smile when you asked your great-granddaughter to paint your nails on your 100th birthday. Elegance is ageless. A few days ago, one of your sons asked you for your powder case, and you willingly gave it to him…
Shirt kept by the maternal cousin
Written on this shirt are the messages and signatures of your fellow students and activists. It took you 26 years to get it back, and just as much time to be authorized to return to Peru.
Travel diaries kept by the uncle
When you left Ireland, you used these diaries to keep a record of the places you visited, the people you met, the emotions you felt. To these, you added other traces, fragments of paper… Proof on which you founded your memories – memories that you would like your nephews to preserve, memories that you hope will prompt them to travel the world and open up to people…
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