RFI - 'The Last Breath' pays homage to migrants who lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean by Isabelle Martinetti, April 2023
TVAM - Interview by Keith Demicoli, April 2023

The Malta Independent - Article by Melanie Erixon, April 2023

Face Value, 103 Malta's Hear - Radio Program 
EP 03 | Literature, Language & Love

L'oeil de la photographie - PHOT’AIX 2022 : La Fontaine Obscure : Album(s), September
La Charente Libre - Les archives se racontent à la galerie, September
UNHCR - Artists put healing hands to work | World Refugee Week 2022, June
By Teodor Reljic
●  Arte TV - Exposition : les vies ordinaires des femmes

The Malta Independent - The ordinary lives of women, February 2022
The Guardian
African photography CAP prize 2021 shortlist April 2021 by Matt-Fidler
10th Edition of CAP prize winners announced 

Around the exhibition MALTA - TUNIS - MARSEILLE
Times of Malta - 22 October
Exhibition recalls forgotten Maltese migration to Tunisia, as seen by one family by Stephanie Fsadni
● The Independent of Malta - 10th October
Image and representation: the art of homecoming in the Mediterranean
by Karsten Xuereb
● Ta' Filgħodu on TVM - 10:00'
Maltarti on TVM - Katel Delia Interview 4:00'
Cultural programme on National TV
Maltarti on TVM - Professor Raphael Vella, Curator Interview 4:00'
Cultural programme on National TV
Around the installation The Last Breath
Newsbook Immersive installation addresses Mediterranean migrant crisis 16th December by Joseph Giordimaina
● Ta' Filgħodu on TVM - 20th December (10:00)
● Maltarti on TVM - 23rd December
● Times of Malta - 3rd January
In Mqabba, a UV-lit exhibition serves as a cry for help Katel Delia's installation will bring you to your senses by André Carbonaro
● Indulge - 4th January
Exhibition: The Last Breath by Momique Chambers

Around the exhibition How do you feel?
● Times of Malta Artists explore socio-economic and environmental issues 1st December
● LovinMalta ‘How Do You Feel?’: An Exploration Of Malta’s Environmental Issues Through Art And Photography by Sasha Vella - 11th December

Portrait Q&A
● Malta Today Katel Delia: ‘I like knitting! Even if doesn’t sound fashionable’
Artist Katel Delia tells all in our Q&A
15 December 2021, by Laura Calleja

Around Perception exhibition  
● Magazine Indulge 1st August
Interview by Paula Fleri-Soler 
Times of Malta 1st August
It's all about the senses 
Times of Malta 18th Auhust
MSA annual members’ exhibition has new curatorial approach by Margerita Pulè

Portrait Q&A
Indulge Katel Delia – Installation Artist
by Paula Fleri-Soler
● The Malta Independant on Sunday intreview by Carla Zah 5th August
● Breton d’ailleurs – Tebeo – Interview in French about Familja migrAzzjoni (target 18:45) 28th August
● Il-Torċa – Bla divorzju kelli nitlaq minn Malta by Victor Vella 26/02/2017
● TVM Maltarti – Interview by Ray Calleja 23/02/2017
● ​​​​​​​Radju Lauretana Il-Malti, il-letteratura u lil hinn. Interview by Elena Cardona 18/08/2017
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