A photo lives through different times, every time differently. At the time they were taken, they were important, then they were  kept, looked at, forgotten, finally rediscovered.

My Maltese father’s family has kept many pictures of their time in Tunisia, after emigrating from Malta. For me it is a sign that they wanted to preserve the memory and to transmit it. Unfortunately, some of the faces in the photos do not have names anymore …
Series composed of 26 dytics and triptychs
 Contemporary photographs 27 x 18 cm / 18 x 27 cm
 Photographs old sizes
 Drawings made by Katel Delia - Print on baryta paper
The Maltese of Tunisia are forgotten, and I would like to give them a place in history through these family photos. They are much more than most people think.
At one point, as my father was no longer there to tell me the stories of his youth, the photos were no longer enough for me. I felt the urge to go there, to feel the scents, the sounds, the moods, and also to remember those moments I shared with him.
I established a connection with the places and the streets of Tunis, La Goulette and Le Khram. I reclaimed them, together with the memories giving them a universal sense.
What did I inherit from this period, from the 1930s to the 1960s? Can we be nostalgic for a place, an atmosphere we have not experienced?
More than a century ago, Maltese fled poverty to join Tunisia, a land of promise for a better future, today crossing is the other way…
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