Katel Delia, born in 1975 in France, is deeply attached to her Maltese origins and has been living and working between Malta and Paris since 2016. In 1999 she completed her DNSEP degree at the Beaux-Arts de Rennes. Her diploma project explores "The lack of landmarks in water", and consists of large format digital montages. In 2000, she plunged into the internet bubble as artistic director and then functional project manager. In 2015, she finally decided to exhibit her artistic projects. She creates installations combining photography, sculpture, and writing. Her work focuses on how traces of the past reflect into the present. She is also investigating our perception of space.

Very recently, a photography series of hers was awarded with the 10th CAP Prize, Contemporary African Photography Prize, a prize directed at photographers whose work engages with the African continent or its diaspora. Her work was also featured in various photo festivals in France. In Malta, she had two solo exhibitions at Spazju Kreattiv “Malta – Tunis – Marseille” in 2021 and “Familja migrAzzjoni. I was born there, but I live here…” in 2017. She created an immersive installation “The last breath” at Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq (2021). She has also participated in various collective exhibitions, “To be [defined]” (2018), “The Ordinary Lives of Women” (2022), both held at Spazju Kreattiv, “Amuse – Perception” (2018) and “Perception II Postscript” (2019) held at the Malta Society of Arts, “How do you feel?” (2021) at Gabriel Caruana Foundation. 

In 2018, one of her short stories was awarded by RIMA. Two short films inspired by this short story have been produced — "Marsapolice" and "Un goût sucré-salé". The latter has been selected out of competition for the Aubagne Film Festival in June 2021.
She participated in the Masterclass of photography by FLORE and Sylvie Hugues (The eye and the spirit) and in the Masterclass by Quentin Bertoux and by Frank Ferville (Agence VU’).
The Gabriel Caruana Foundation and Art Sweven gallery present some of her photographs in Malta.
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