Il-Filliera tal-Ikkundannati / Portraits of Convicts
Those trees, were part of my childhood and part of the history of Malta, planted decades and decades ago. Even if we love tree-lined roads that carry us romantically to our destination, sheltering us from the hottest of days, and which make us shudder slightly on full moon nights... But, our present society runs at full speed and prefers the roads straight, four-way or more. Those tree were cut down or be in grace period by Planning Authority
By photographing each tree one by one, taking the time to contemplate, I show their forgotten singularity. Their sculptural silhouettes shaped by the weather and time are frail, majestic, united, atypical and magnificent.
By giving a Maltese name for each of them, a name of a Sainte or Saint, the trees received the status of canonization.
Do will need this canonization to finally protect them and the other? To adore them? To be aware of the importance of each tree?
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