Empty street of La Goulette, Tunisia. Early in the morning, in the middle a beautiful tree stand not so hight slighly taller than the building at the back that have just the ground floor. Windows and doors are closed.  The sky is light a bit cloudy.

2019 La Goulette, Tunisia

Katel Delia, born in 1975 in France, is deeply attached to her Maltese origins and lives between Malta and Paris. In 1999 she completed her DNSEP degree at the Beaux-Arts in Rennes. In 2000, she plunged into the internet bubble as artistic director and project manager. In 2015, she finally decided to exhibit her artistic projects. She creates installations combining photography, sculpture, and writing. She focuses on how traces of the past reflect into the present especially in migration's context. She is also investigating our perception of space.

Recently, a photography series of hers was awarded with the 10th CAP Prize, Contemporary African Photography Prize. 
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